LaFrieda Veal

About Our Veal

We're the Veal Deal.

Pat LaFrieda Meats remains the largest distributor for veal products in all of New York. We offer milk-fed veal humanely raised on small, family-owned Mennonite and Amish farms who've demonstrated generations of reliability. We know ourselves how years and years of experience in family business leads to the best techniques and greatest respect for the craft.

Our veal calves are raised in the most modern group-housed facilities designed and shaped by the principles of Dr. Temple Grandin. Animal technicians, in collaboration with veterinarians, monitor every aspect of care from birth to harvest.

Humane care and treatment of our veal calves is our top priority, and we only work with partners willing to make this the top priority.

Our fresh veal has a classic pale-pink hue and delicate flavor. You can be assured you're receiving fresh veal from animals raised through compassionate handling, and sourcing from the veal provider trusted New York's best restaurants.