LaFrieda Heritage Pork

About Our Pork

We only sell high-quality pork, because we know how important raw materials are to a chef. We’re here with swine that'll make your skills shine, and complement your recipes to perfection.


Pat LaFrieda Meats' extensive pork program includes a number of all-natural heritage breeds, with particular pride for our uniquely sourced all-natural Hampshire Pork.

A Pat LaFrieda exclusive and heritage breed, Hampshire pork stays hormone and antibiotic free on an all-vegetarian diet of non-GMO corn, soy and foraged grasses. They mature and develop naturally in a social indoor/outdoor environment without crates, leading to tender meat with a rich and complex flavor profile sought after by the finest chefs in the country.


We bring in the best premium 100% Berkshire Pork from a coalition of independent family owned farms in the Midwest; each committed to raising Berkshire pigs using a strict code of humane and responsible animal husbandry. Raised with room to roam and never fed antibiotics or hormones, its high fat content makes it perfect for long cook times at high temperatures.


Only a couple hours north of LaFrieda's butcher room, Schoharie, New York provides us with some of our finest hyper-local pork. These Berkshire hogs are raised with deep attention to humane care, just as you'd expect from their former-vegan farmer who's maintained his respect for animals throughout. Our Berkshire Pork is available solely in primals- whole saddles, shanks, hams, butts and heads.

Duroc Pork

Additional information on our full line of Duroc pork available upon request.