LaFrieda Game Meat

About Our Game

At LaFrieda Meats, we’re not afraid to get a little wild.  

From fresh-flown Australian goat and New Zealand venison to San Antonio hill country boar to the all-natural rabbit from Hudson Valley Amish in our backyard, we’ve crossed the world for the best game meats.  

Our New Zealand Cervena Venison must be three years of age or under, raised free of growth hormones or steroids. Free to roam and graze freely on natural grass pastures, sparing supplements of hay and silage are given during winters. Depending on the time of year we may have fresh or frozen venison available.

Our wild boar, loved for its lean meat and distinct flavors, is entirely free-range with no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics

Finally, we source all-natural rabbit from the Amish countryside of the Hudson Valley, where heritage breeding techniques lead to a lean and tender white meat.