LaFrieda Signature Burgers

About Our Burgers

We’re the most famous name in the burger game.

Whether it’s the famed Shake Shack blend Pat created himself, Minetta Tavern’s award-winner, or our home-delivered chopped-beef patties, LaFrieda has pushed the burger craft further and faster than anyone. There's a reason chefs are proud to put our name on their menus, and we're proud to serve them.

Known throughout the country for our custom burger blends, we’re like an Italian tailor for your taste buds. We make over 75,000 hamburgers daily with hundreds of variations, made from the same full cuts of meat as our steaks. Some find it crazy we use high-quality meats for our burgers instead of cheap trimmings, we think it’s crazy not to care just as much for our burger quality as everything else we sell.

Utilizing cold chopping to keep meat texture firm and prevent over-working, we know our techniques need to stay ahead of the pack to help you push your craft forward. Our burgers are available in any size from 2-8oz or 10oz, formed by a low-pressure machine with a noodle textured fill system. Let's work together to create your ultimate blend, so you can serve the dream burgers they’ll order over and over.